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The Basics

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to ensuring your ministry is Safe. There’s the Working with Children Checks, Providing Training, Screening your leaders, not to mention the paperwork… Policies, Procedures, Insurance. Let us walk you through it…

What the Law requires

When it comes to making sure your ministry organisation is “legal”, it’s an important first step. But remember… it takes more than being “legal” to be “safe”. The things your …

What your Insurance requires

There’s a lot of voices around trying to tell churches what they “have to” do. One of the problems however is working out whether something is a “must do”, a …

Your step by step intro to being a safe ministry

To be an organisation that is legal, insurable and most of all, safe… this is what you’ll need… Establish a Safe Ministry Policy and a Response Process for your organisation …

Establish a safe culture through automated screening and online courses

Why pay more?

Priced to be accessible...

Other safe ministry programs can cost more than $60 per person, plus added annual church costs like materials, subscriptions and presenter fees. But we want to make it easy for churches to get people trained and start serving in their churches. Our prices start low, and even go lower if you’re part of a larger church…

$ 3
Awareness Training - for everyone. This is the basic building block to help people look out for the welfare of vulnerable people and know who to talk to if they have a concern. ($2 for Ansvar Clients)
$ 8
Leader Training Course - for all your volunteers. This takes your volunteers through the essential elements of caring for vulnerable people and responding to them if they have reveal an incident. ($7 for Ansvar clients)
$ 8
Supervisor Training - for leaders who run programs & recruit people to serve. This helps people understand their responsibilities in overseeing a venue and teams of volunteers. ($7 for Ansvar clients)
$ 59
Annual Subscriptions for church accounts start at $59 for Ansvar clients who just want to do the training. Extra features, like the automated screening tools are available in other plans below...
A small price to pay for peace of mind

Priced for churches


Get setup in minutes.
  • Access all the approved policies and documents.

  • Try out all the courses free as the account administrator.

  • Members pay for their own courses with credit card.

  • Access to phone support… We’ll help you get set up to start safeguarding your church.


Start embedding a safe culture with engaging online training.
  • Courses only take 20-30mins to complete.

  • Get email notifications and see reports on who’s done what courses.

  • Trainees receive a certificate, your church Policy and Safe Person’s details when they complete each course.

  • * price is for Ansvar customers only. Non-Ansvar customers $159pa


This plan will be available soon.
  • If you have to use another form of Safe Ministry Training, that’s ok.

  • We can still help by automating the screening process to make life easier.

  • More information about this powerful option will be available soon.

  • * price is for Ansvar customers only. Non-Ansvar customers $239pa


Save time & energy with automation and screening features.
  • Integrated with the Leaders course.

  • Referee checking, Elvanto Syncing, WWCC verification, Code of Conduct recording, and more.

  • 50% off course fees when members do a follow-up course within 13 months.*

  • * price and savings are for Ansvar customers only. Non-Ansvar customers $259pa

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