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The Basics

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to ensuring your ministry is Safe. There’s the Working with Children Checks, Providing Training, Screening your leaders, not to mention the paperwork… Policies, Procedures, Insurance. Let us walk you through it…

"SafeMinistryTraining.com.au has worked very hard to offer churches outstanding policies and training that reflect exactly what we're looking for when churches come to us for insurance. This is great stuff."
Neil Bull, Former CEO of EA Insurance

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Safe Teacher to Child Ratios

A common question for churches and ministry programs for children is whether there is a “proper” teacher-to-child ratio. While there’s no legal requirement for churches to have a specific ratio, …

Are they a Volunteer or an Employee?

It might seem strange in church-world, but for the purposes of Work Health and Safety Act 2011… people who volunteer at your church are called “workers”. The same is true …