How safe is your church?

How do you know if your church is doing all the things it's meant to be doing... not just fulfilling it's legal requirements - but it's insurance and community requirements also?

This short survey will give you a quick picutre of where your church is at and what steps you'll need to take to help ensure it's safeguarding everyone.


Organisational Safeguards

Does your church / ministry have a Safe Ministry Policy that is available to the public and requires employees, volunteers and members to report concerns of abuse?
Does your Policy/Process require your church to report cases of abuse to the police and other government bodies?
Does your Safe Ministry Policy prohibit people from volunteering in your organisation if they have prior convictions involving violent or sexually related offences?
Has your Safe Ministry Policy that has been reviewed in the past 24 months at an executive level?
Has your church appointed two or more persons to deal with safety concerns when they are raised?
Does your church have an Incident Management Process to follow when someone raises a concern (i.e. a complaint or a suspicion of abuse)?


Volunteer Screening

Are you screening and training people who work with adults in your church (rather than just people who work with children)?
Have all your volunteers been given a copy of your Safe Ministry Policy?
Do you ask all your volunteers to disclose their previous roles and/or volunteering experience?
Do you ask all your volunteers to disclose if they have been the subject of an allegation of wrongdoing in the past?
Do you ask two referees to confirm the suitability of all of your volunteers?
Do you require all your volunteers to agree to a Code of Conduct?
Do you verify the relevant state Working with Children Check (WWCC) status of all your volunteers (who work with children)?
Have all your paid staff have been subject to a criminal history check?


Volunteer Training

Have all your volunteers have been trained in the various types of abuse to be aware of, as well as a broad definition of vulnerable people?
Have all your volunteers been made aware of how they are expected to behave as representatives of your organisation - even at a principle level?
Have all the people who are responsible for leading / running a program or a team in your church / ministry been made aware of their responsibilities to ensure their program spaces are safe?
Have all your Supervisors / Staff and Board Members been made aware of all the above requirements for volunteer screening and training?



We'll email you your Safe Ministry rating result...